Alexy GG was born and raised in Tours, France (1hr from Paris by train).

After studies in Multimedia and Print Graphic Design, Alexy graduates first of his promotion from a Master of Arts in Creation and Digital Engineering, in the renowned University of Valenciennes, France. His final project “Le Corps en Conquête (The Body Conquering)” was exhibited in the Cityhall of Valenciennes.

Meanwhile Alexy did an internship validating his Masters, and he chose to do it in a boutique agency 5350km away from home, in the effervescent city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. He was eventually hired as a Graphic Designer within the agency, and later grew as an Art Director in advertising.

Alexy combines his knowledge in computers with his love of photography, with conceptual ideas on various subjects such as habits, humour, sex, diversion, memory, accumulation, wastes, chance and more, mostly in a form of series of artworks.